Protect your tech with a padded laptop sleeve, tote your work gear to and from the office, and leave easy access to things you'll need throughout the day. You can get all this and more in our high-quality work bags.

Comfortable commuter backpacks for long trips or day trips

We know commutes can be obnoxious, but you can make yours just a little bit easier with a comfortable, daypack-sized commuter bag. Padded shoulder straps mean that even a full bag resists digging in uncomfortably. Once you've changed the adjustable straps to your size, it's easy to feel how you could go all day with your work backpack on your back. The balanced feel means you can carry more, unlike messenger bags or shoulder bags, or you can use a rolling backpack to keep the weight off your back entirely. A breathable back panel means that even summer travel gets more comfortable. You can carry something as light as a set of gym clothes or pack a change of clothes for a few days of work travel. That's right, your daily work bag can double as a carry-on travel backpack for short trips. With webbing and buckles to keep the weight balanced, you won't feel uncomfortable any time soon

Professional-style work backpacks for any office space

These are no rustic rucksacks, high-maintenance leather backpacks, or bulkyduffels. Our water-resistant work backpacks come in everything from sleek minimalist to roll-top laptop bags full of personality. Your everyday backpack should leave plenty of room for your personality. That's why our best work backpacks come in a range of colors and patterns, with a weather-resistant exterior that keeps your bag looking fresh. The bright colors make your backpack an easy-to-spot travel bag while the basic backpack straps offer plenty of space for pins. Tuck your personalized thermos into the side water bottle pocket to complete your sensible, professional look. Whether you're navigating New York City or heading to work in a small town, feel ready to take on anything.

Organizer deluxe: a laptop backpack with plenty of pockets

If you live for organizational dividers and labeling, you've come to the right place. With quick-access front pockets and side water bottle holders, there's a place for everything in your laptop bag. And speaking of laptop pockets, a 17- or 15-inch laptop compartment in a protective zip pocket keeps your computer safe while you travel, separate from anything in the main compartment that might damage your tech. Slide your charger into a side pocket for safekeeping, and use plenty of other zipper pockets for organizing pens, notes, and other small items