All Roads Lead to Austin: Qualitons

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Formed in 2008 in Budapest, Hungary, the Qualitons music is inspired by the sound and energy of early rock, mod-beat, funk music of ‘60's and ’70's.

Their debut album Panoramic Tymes was released in 2010 by german funk-soul company Tramp Records. After some lineup changes, Qualitons is currently working on their second album. Their sound has since changed from their debut album. The group's musical style now primarily consists of garage rock with an emphasis on psychedelic rock and elements from genres such as “60s dance music and soul.

Qualitions- All Roads Lead to Austin 2018

JanSport All Roads Lead to Austin for SXSW in Austin, Texas.





The Qualitons - All Roads Lead to Austin 2018

JanSport's All Roads Lead to Austin 2018.