All Roads Lead to Austin: Totally Mild

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Totally Mild started out as the solo project of songwriter Elizabeth Mitchell. Since, it's become a full blown lush pop quartet. Elizabeth’s voice is a thing of unearthly beauty, capable of soaring and swooping in shiver-inducing ways. As a songwriter she is equally arresting, addressing desires and dreams with affecting frankness.

Elizabeth is joined by guitar magician Zachary Schneider, drummer Ashley Bundang and bassist Lehmann Smith to form Totally Mild. In the last few years, the band have developed a quasi-psychic intensity, surging forward or pulling back in seamless unison.

Totally Mild's, Her, releasing in February 2018 is polished and spacious, while never losing the feeling of a band in full flight. After Down Time‘s release, Totally Mild toured UK/Europe in 2015, then hit the US in early 2017, playing SXSW and a string of LA/NYC shows. In Australia they have played Meredith Music Festival and shared stages with the likes of Real Estate, Kurt Vile, Best Coast, DIIV and The Chills.

Partner- All Roads Lead to Austin 2018

JanSport All Roads Lead to Austin for SXSW in Austin, Texas.



Totally Mild - All Roads Lead to Austin 2018

JanSport's All Roads Lead to Austin 2018.