Moonlift and the Helios Collection

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Breathability and Stability.

The patent-pending Moonlift suspension system makes the Helios pack collection insanely comfortable; from your everyday commute to your weekend hikes.

JanSport MOONLIFT Suspension

The patent-pending MOONLIFT suspension system is engineered for ultimate comfort.

Moonlift technology:


Delivers comfort, breathability and max suspension support

Designed to allow heat and moisture to escape vertically and laterally

Convoluted and perforated EVA foam shoulder straps with seamless edge construction

Industrial elastic that provides flexibility and load management support


Check out JanSport Product Designer, Ahren breakdown the features of the Helios 30L and 28L packs featuring the Moonlift suspension system:

JanSport Pack Review: Helios 30 & 28

JanSport Pack Review: Helios 30 & 28