Meet the Artists Live Outside 2017

JanSport will be taking a trip to the land down under for Live Outside 2017, joining Shannon Crees, Ollie Ruskidd, and George Rose, three well-known artists from Australia, who will share a glimpse into the life of three artists collaborating on one giant mural.  Shannon, Ruskidd and George will be tasked with blending color, style, and personalities in what is sure to become a truly unique mural in the heart of Sydney.

Meet the artists:

The Artists - Meet The Artists - Live Outside 2017

Shannon Crees is an accomplished international artist, who creates work on canvas and paints large scale murals both locally and internationally.  She uses patterns and bold color to depict her interpretation of the things she finds most beautiful and always strives for colorful creations. 

Ollie "Ruskidd" has been displaying his psychedelic works on Melbourne's walls for around seven years, carving out a unique style with a heavy emphasis on flowing line work. His visuals are playful and constantly shoot references to palettes and patterns found in nature while exploring the relationship between color and line. His works have been seen covering the sides of warehouses and on display at the National Gallery of Victoria. 

After graduating college, George Rose took a departure from formal design training to pursue a multidisciplinary art practice.  She has completed previous art commissions in Sydney, Melbourne and Canberra.

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