Live Outside Sydney 2017

For our fifth year of LIVE OUTSIDE we hit the streets of Sydney, Australia to kick off an adventure with Shannon Crees, Ollie Ruskidd, and George Rose, three Australian street artists who collaborated for the first time to paint a giant mural.

You can’t imagine the size of a wall until it smacks you in the face with all its magnitude. Despite extreme weather conditions, including sudden downpours followed by blazing heat, it took over five days in to get this 98 ft x 43 ft wall painted.

In between wall painting sessions we ventured into the city’s funky suburbs, from Luna Park's kitschy carnival scene to surfing waves at Bondi beach. Everyone got a taste of the unique and iconic things Sydney has to offer – and it turns out vegemite isn't so bad when you slather it on toast with avocado.

The mural project wrapped up with a celebration at the home base for the LIVE OUTSIDE wall in Newton. After five days of non-stop painting and frolicking around Sydney, Shannon, Ruskidd and George completed this great adventure with a beautiful mark in their community. Check out the #LIVEOUTSIDE2017 journey below. 

Live Outside 2017 Sydney Teaser

What happens when you bring together three talented artists, great friends and the city of Sydney? Binge watch the #LiveOutside2017 series to find out.

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