Our Best Packs For College

Bear, Bulldog, Spartan or Gator

Check out these 5 college backpacks that are ready to make every college activity easier.


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When you can pick any JanSport backpack, what do we choose?

The Watchtower. By far, the #1 backpack worn by JanSport staff.


Let’s start with the top: a top-load pack allows you to instantly access everything in your pack without digging to the bottom. The perfect travel backpack, this large compartment allows you to pack anything including 2-3 days of clothes.

This Watchtower laptop backpack includes a 15” laptop sleeve and a separate soft-lined tablet sleeve. Two front pockets allow you to keep your cords in one pocket and your daily essentials in the other. Keep your sunglasses and phone protected from your other gear in the soft lined lid pocket.

Going off campus? Carry a 6-pack with 4 cans in the cooler pocket and another two in the water bottle pockets.

Looking for something smaller? Check out the Hatchet & Hatchet SE:

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A classic flap-over design makes it easy to get to all your stuff at once. Designed with a padded 15” laptop sleeve and soft-lined tablet sleeve this is the perfect campus backpack. The large compartment fits everything from course books to your favorite college sweatshirt.

Pack your pens, cords, chargers and all your small stuff in the large front pocket. Keep your sunglasses or wallet in the top easy-access stash pocket.

The Right Pack:

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The Original College Backpack

In 1970, students at University of Washington took our original hiking pack and turned it into the first campus backpack. A few design changes later the Right Pack was born. Functional simplicity at its best, the dependable leather bottom Right Pack is a solid choice for any college student. The main compartment has ample space for everything you need on and off campus. Featuring a 15” laptop sleeve and large front pockets it is the iconic college pack.

Check out the Right Pack DE that has a padded 15” laptop sleeve with an added tablet sleeve and cord store pockets.

Other JanSport Best Selling College Backpacks:


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