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Your Back To School Checklist For The Coolest Space

Mandy Carr Jun 14, 2023

Packing and moving into your dorm room can be overwhelming. You want to have a space that’s comfortable for hanging out and studying. You also want it to showcase your personality too. Add to that the fact there isn’t much room for your school books, laptop, SuperBreak Backpack, toiletries, plus other things you can’t leave home without, like your record player, and you’ve got a real packing conundrum. The good news is we have the perfect back to school checklist for creating the perfect space. With some careful planning, you’ll have the dorm room everyone wants to hang out at. And, these tips can even work if you travel abroad as an international student


Plan Your Space

The first thing you should do is choose a color palette. This will make it easier for you to design a cohesive dorm room and pick out the essentials to go in it. Picking your favorite color is the easiest go-to, but also think about what will invigorate you in the morning. Bright colors will help on those days that you feel like hitting snooze one more time. But if black or white is what inspires you the most, go with what will feel good to you. Plus, it would be good to find a spot for your backpack and laptop so you know where they are as you run out the door for classes. Once you’ve got your palette down, make your back to dorm checklist of the core essentials you’ll need such as bedding, desk furniture and accessories, wall hangings and art, and go from there.


Invest in Quality Bedding

Apart from studying, sleep will be one of the most important things you do during the year. You’ll need your rest to do your best in class, so investing in quality bedding is a must. You’ll sleep better with good sheets, and with the right care, they’ll also last you for years to come too. 

Choose sheets that are breathable and long-lasting. Long-stable cotton or linen is better than microfiber or bamboo rayon. The latter are not good for the environment. According to the eco-friendly website Brightly, making rayon and bamboo rayon creates; “water pollution and contributes to deforestation.” It’s also not biodegradable. And according to the Environmental Protection Agency, “Microfibers can harm the small aquatic organisms that ingest them.” So pick the right sheets for you that will be soft, long-lasting, and won’t harm the environment. You’ll thank yourself when you wake up refreshed for a great day. 


Maximize Storage Space

Dorms don’t typically come with a lot of space, and you’ll be sharing with one or more people. First, check to see what kind of storage is provided in the room. Then, you can utilize cute storage boxes. Make sure to bring a shoe organizer and various closet organizers too to maximize on space. 

You can also get creative and repurpose other items like old mugs for pens, tin cans for hair accessories, a loaf pan for make-up, and  even a spice rack for nail polish. Finally, don’t forget your Surplus Laundry bag. It’s perfect for storing dirty clothes in the room and taking them to the laundromat. 


Add Personal Touches

Storage and bedding are essential, but to really make your space feel like your own, you need to add a personal touch. Put a memory board on the wall and post photos from the year. This will be a great way to collect memories, and you can even start with friends from home or photos you took over the year. Throw pillows always add a nice touch and bring a cozy vibe. And you can even find pillows with your favorite artists with song quotes to bring out your personality. Another great addition would be a board with affirmations and quotes. It’s a great way to start the day with “I am a quick, capable learner.” Whatever you feel best expresses your style will make all the difference. 


Choose Functional Decor

When choosing items for your dorm, choose things that can also double up on function. If there’s storage space under your bed, bring a colorful sheet or quilt that can be used to hide what’s under there by putting it under the mattress and hanging it over the bottom. A Cinch Caddy would be great for holding school or beauty supplies—and it comes in several designs, so it can be a great style addition. Baskets are always excellent for decor but also serve as extra storage. Finally, find a fashionable floor lamp that would be good for late-night studying or reading. 


If you’re looking for something upbeat and motivational to print out and frame for your dorm room, we’ve got a list of positive affirmations you’ll love.


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