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7 Best Bike Backpacks to Fit Your Riding Style

Mandy Carr Feb 27, 2024

You may ride your bike for various reasons—to enjoy your local park, run errands, commute to school or work, or for a good workout. Yet everyone experiences the same challenge: how to carry your essentials. In whatever way you like to use your bike, you still have to carry your belongings. 

Luckily, there is a solution. You just need to find the best bike backpack to fit your riding style. 


The Best Bike Backpacks for Long Rides

Long rides are one of the hardest to find a backpack for, because any pack needs to be lightweight so it doesn’t wear you out. The Mesh Pack Backpack is the perfect lightweight option, with the ability to store things you buy along the way if you are out running errands. The mesh will also be cooler on your back, so you won’t sweat as much. It’s your classic backpack style, with a large compartment and front pocket to stash things like your keys. It also comes in red, blue, and black. 

If you’re looking for something a bit smaller, the Highlands Mini Pack is the bag for you. Its drawstring closure is perfect for storing your shopping haul, and it has two front zippered pockets to keep your valuables safe. Plus, it comes in two designs and all black, so you know you’ll be riding in style.


The Best Commuter Bike Backpacks 

Commuting on your bike brings its own set of challenges, especially if you need to bring your laptop to school or work. You can’t just drop it in the main compartment—it needs a special padded slot. And ideally, it organizes your school supplies so they are easy to find when you get to class. The Liminal Series has you covered with bags that perfectly fit your commuting needs. 

The Inbound PackJourney Pack, and Landings Pack all have compartments to fit your laptop and organize your stuff. They all come with EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate) padded shoulder straps to make your commute more comfortable, and two water bottle slots so you can stay hydrated at work or school, or even bring your coffee along. 

The Journey Pack comes with gear straps at the bottom, so you can bring your cute lunch bag to work with you. And to top that off, it’s also made with 100% recycled material. So, if you are riding your bike to work or school to be sustainable, these will help you take your eco-conscious lifestyle further. 

If you don’t need to bring your laptop to work, the Pro Crossbody is ideal for your commute. It’s light and is made with a multi-wear design, so you can carry it however it fits you best when riding your bike. It has organization pockets galore, so it’s functional but also stylish. Who needs a briefcase when you have space for your phone, keys, pens, small notebook, and more? It’s also professional looking, so it will go with your work style. 

And if you are commuting for other activities, you can choose a bag that fits that sport, like a perfect backpack for Pickleball practice. 


The Best Backpack for Bike Workouts 

Riding your bike can be a great form of exercise, and it’s also fun, but you’ll need to carry a few things with you. But you don’t want it to be heavy or bulky to hinder your workout unnecessarily. That’s where the Restore Waistpackcomes in. It comes with an adjustable strap to easily carry it on your waist or across the body, depending on what’s more comfortable. It also has supportive side wings to help distribute the weight so you can focus on the workout. It’s also made with textile waste, so if you are trying to be sustainable, this bag is the one for you. 

Whatever your riding style is, your best bike backpack awaits—whether it’s a light bag for your long adventures, a bag with a roomy compartment for errands, the perfect commuter bag, or a small bag for essentials for that intense workout. Choosing the best bag for your purposes will enhance your biking experience. 

So, dive into all the options and find your perfect bag. Even running errands or commuting can be enjoyable if you aren’t stressing about carrying all your stuff. 


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