A backpack and lunch box beside a pattern of lunch food including sandwiches and Cheetos.

Pack Your Lunch In Style With These Fashionable Lunch Bag Designs

Mandy Carr Sep 09, 2022

It’s summer, which means picnics in the park and hikes in the wilderness.

That also means you’ll need a cute and stylish lunch box to pack your food to go. Lunch boxes are no longer the square things of the past. You can get something that matches with an outfit or just something you think is cool. They’re also perfect for when you go back to classes. Think of all the money you’ll save from not buying food! 


You can’t go wrong with a floral design. Check out the Lunch Break Annie O. It’s soft pink color with cream flowers is perfect to match any dress or blouse. It’s also an efficient lunch box. It has enough room to store your lunch inside, while on the outside, there is a pocket to hold snacks. 


Another great bag for those who love the floral style is The Carry Out Delft Tile Lace. It says summer with its soft yellow and delicate flower details, or a variety of other color styles. It’s longer carrying strap makes it easy to carry around your shoulder for longer distances. Plus, just like the Lunch Break, it can hold your lunch on the inside and snacks in the outside pocket. Another fun floral design is the Big Lunch Break Autumn Tapestry. Don’t let the name fool you though. This is a perfect bag for summer. With a deep peach background, rustic yellow and pink leaves, and white flowers, it’s ideal to go with your beloved white jeans. Plus, it’s bigger than the two other bags, perfect if you’re the one in charge of all the food for the picnic. 


If you love floral, but your style is a little edgier, then the Big Lunch Break Bag has a Floral Glitch design that will be perfect for you. It has pink, white, and yellow flowers, with green leaves on a black background. It also has black lines over the flowers like the fuzziness of an old TV set giving, ultimate cool vibes. Check out the Tattoo Parlor for another dark-colored option. It has a black background, red roses, multicolor birds and a horseshoe. The Lunch Break Bag comes in this design.  


Another fun design this bag comes in is the Galactic Odyssey. It’s a beautiful shade of blue with white stars is perfect for when you want a pop of color.  And if space is your thing, The Carryout comes in a Space Dust design. 


The Big Break Lunch Bag also comes in cool designs for tech fans. Check out the QR code one. It’s NYC inspired with white pixilated images over a black background. It’s a cool bag that your tech friends will want too. For video game fans, the Pixel Party is so cute. Once again, pixelated images. This time ones that make you think of old-school Mario Bros games. And it covers a baby blue background. Perfect for any gender. Cute to pair with dresses and great with shirts and shorts. 


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