3 Easy Craft Projects for When You’re Stuck at Home

Get Crafty


When Netflix and online games just aren’t cutting it, try one (or all!) of these fun, creative ideas.


If you’ve been chilling at home for several weeks, you’re probably feeling a little bored with your regular activities. Never fear: These simple crafts are perfect for making long days feel a bit shorter. Doing something fun for yourself—something that really channels your identity—will give you a mental break from all that stress. (Plus, these projects offer more stimulation than an online game or video!) Here are a few ways to start exploring your creativity ASAP.

Monogram Your Clothes, Bags, and Supplies

Monogramming isn’t just for fancy accessories. It’s fun and useful for all sorts of things, such as sweaters, blankets, accessory pouches, and notebooks. Use a fabric pen or block printing supplies to get started, and sew items (buttons, studs, fake flowers, beads) into your stuff for extra flair. Don’t want to use your name or initials? Use the above tactics to spruce up an old shirt, a pair of jeans, or a piece of foamboard with a unique, totally one-of-a-kind design. (Hint: Pinterest is a perfect source for pattern inspiration.)

DIY Some Awesome (and Affordable) Décor

Interior design is so cool...and often so expensive. But it doesn’t have to be! Look for simple ways to show off your style at home. A few places to start: Gather some cheap frames and put together a fun gallery wall. Upgrade inexpensive white mugs with acrylic paint. Add some personality to your bookshelf by redoing it in a new shade of paint. Create your own mood board by covering a traditional cork board with fabric, magazine cutouts, photographs, or art. If all else fails? Plant some succulents, which are easy to keep alive and make a room look brighter. Whether you’re redecorating one room or a whole apartment, your space will be feeling homier and more inviting in no time.


Personalize Your Everyday Backpack

You wear your backpack everywhere, whether you’re at school, going to the beach, or just venturing into the backyard for a little fresh air. So why wouldn’t you want it to represent you? Pins and patches are just two of many ways to make a backpack stand out—and it’s so easy to iron on a patch and then carry it with you forever. A fresh design can be a political statement, a declaration of style, a funny sight gag, or just a way to spruce up something you’ve had forever. The sky really is the limit—so get crafty.


What art projects are you working on while you’re staying at home? Show us your creations on social media!


By: Katherine J. Igoe