Fall colored backpacks and pumpkin collage

Spice Up Your Fall/Winter Bucket List

Kelsey Sarracino Oct 14, 2022

Fall is approaching and you can almost smell the pumpkin spice in the air. If you’re looking forward to chilly weather and thick sweaters, curling up by the fire, and all things Halloween, this curated fall and winter bucket list is for you.


Create your own seasonal drink

Pumpkin spice lattes are a staple, but there’s a world of other tasty possibilities to make. Try a classic chai latte with a few pumps of pumpkin spice or craft the perfect London fog. If you’re feeling adventurous, grab some cinnamon sticks and spices and make your own mulled cider. If you’re more of a hot chocolate person, try adding flavored whipped cream to your cocoa. The more experimental, the better!


Make your own Halloween costume 

Grab your hot glue gun because it’s time to DIY. Whether you’re the newest Marvel superhero or a spooky ghost, there’s nothing a glue gun and determination can’t build. If you need some inspiration, raid your closet, your sibling or parent’s closet, and anywhere else you can think of to find the perfect pieces for your costume.


Explore your artistic side 

Create a cool art piece by reaching for an unconventional canvas. Draw on your shoes, paint your backpack, or grab a pumpkin to carve. Plus, these make awesome decorations for any seasonal festivities. Make it a group event by grabbing more supplies, a few friends or family, and dive in! 


Visit an apple orchard

Not only do you get to pick your own apples (super fun), but orchards have a variety of delicious, homemade goodies to take home. Nothing tastes quite as seasonal as a fresh-baked pie washed down with a glass of warm apple cider. 


Spruce up your wardrobe 

Cute fall outfits are finally here, sp pack up your shorts and tank tops and bring out your favorite scarves, sweaters, bags, and boots!. A quick shopping spree may be in your future if you’re looking for a few trendy statement pieces


Go trick or treating 

You’re never too old to go trick-or-treating. Grab your DIY Halloween costume, a few friends, a festive bag to fit all your candy, and hit the town. If you’re looking for a more lowkey way to snag some candy, head to your local grocery store the next day and get the discounted Halloween candy. At least this way, you’re guaranteed your favorites. 


Have a movie night 

If you’re binging Halloween movies or wholesome holiday movies, you’ll need the essentials. Grab some cozy blankets, a few extra pillows, and lots and lots of snacks. To really jazz it up, build a pillow fort and add a sleeping bag to it (you’ll never want to leave). Top it off with a hot drink and enjoy the movie! 

Host A Themed Game Night

What better way to enjoy the season than hosting a themed game night? Lean into the spookiness of Halloween with terrifying board games or grab a few classics for Christmas. Encourage everyone to dress the part, make themed snacks, and enjoy the fun!