Person wearing jeans with a green JanSport bag at their feet

What I Wear in a Week

Melissa Badamo Jan 23, 2023

Autumn is the season for flannels, boots, and jackets galore. 

My outfit style this season varies whether I’m headed to campus, preparing for a night out with friends, getting a workout in, or just lounging around my house to relax and refresh. Get ready with me as I show you what I typically wear in a week.



Mondays may be labeled as the most dreaded day of the week, but dressing confidently helps me take on the demands of this busy day. Therefore, I’ll opt for brown high-waisted pants, a matching belt, and a beige corduroy jacket to create a muted yet chic earth tone palette. These neutral colors can be paired with almost any shirt, but I’ll wear a tucked-in mauve T-shirt and top it off with elegant gold jewelry. Then I’ll swing my Superbreak Plus over my shoulders, ready to head to campus.



There’s no better season to wear flannels than autumn. On Tuesday, I’ll wear a simple black tee underneath a red flannel—which is perfect for those fall days when it’s chilly in the mornings, warm in the afternoons. My outfit style tends to lean more towards grunge and punk-rock, so I’ll pair this with ripped black skinny jeans and Doc Martens. For extra flair, I’ll also cuff the bottom of my jeans. To accessorize, choker necklaces and beanies are great companions to this bold outfit.



On Hump Day, halfway to the weekend, I typically have two meetings and a three-hour evening class. I’ll certainly want to wear something that’s comfortable yet stylish, so I’ll don a slightly oversized denim jacket. This versatile outerwear matches perfectly with almost any shirt-pants combo; I personally love to pair it with a white, cropped T-shirt, casual blue jeans, and maroon Vans sneakers for some color pop. Just like your backpacks, you can decorate denim jackets with pins and patches that show off your personality and interests. The Main Campus backpack comes in a variety of colors and patterns that could match any outfit style.



I typically only have one meeting on Thursdays, so I’m usually on campus getting homework done or meeting up with friends for lunch. For a cute and casual look, I’ll go with a brown, acid wash T-shirt and throw on a denim jacket if it gets cold throughout the day. As for bottoms, I’ll go for high-waisted jeans with frayed ends and rips at the knees. This style looks best with a casual sneaker, so I’ll finish off the outfit with a pair of black Vans. I don’t have to carry much with me on Thursdays, so the Fifth Avenue Fanny Pack is the perfect accessory.



Luckily I don’t have any classes or meetings on Fridays, so I can finally slow down and breathe after a long week. I’ll typically plan an evening out with friends, whether we’re rocking out at a concert or grabbing a bite to eat. For this, I’ll wear dark jeans, black ankle boots, and a tight-fitting shirt under a leather jacket—an Insta-worthy outfit.



Because I don’t have much time to exercise during the week, I designate Saturdays as my day to fit in a healthy balance of cardio, crunches, and weightlifting. Therefore, I’ll sport stretchy black leggings, a cropped cotton T-shirt for maximum comfort, Adidas sneakers, and a smartwatch that tracks my steps. After all, the goal is to wear something that makes me feel pumped for a workout.



Sunday, the universal rest day, is spent catching up on homework and relaxing before I once again have to face the workweek head on. Similar to Saturday’s outfit, I’ll typically lounge in leggings and a warm, soft hoodie on Sundays as I take some time to unwind by cozying up with my nose in a book or catching up on some of my favorite Netflix shows.

Hopefully, getting ready with me provides some outfit style inspiration for your week. Whether you’re opting for a classic grunge look or something more sporty, you should wear what makes you confident and comfortable. After all, if we look good, we feel good, and we can accomplish anything we set our minds to.