How to Always Keep Your Hand Sanitizer in Reach

Hand Sanitizer

Keep this essential in an easy-to-reach spot in your backpack—so you never come up empty-handed when you need it.


From grocery runs to road trips, the one thing you definitely need by your side these days is a bottle of hand sanitizer. Even the TSA has seen the light; you can now bring one container of up to 12 ounces of liquid hand sanitizer in your carry-on when you fly. Which is great, because the last thing you want is to not have your hand sanitizer when you need it…or to have to dig through your bag for ages in order to find it. Luckily, your trusty backpack has you covered. There are a ton of ways you can store your hand sanitizer for quick and easy access—all while making your bag even more stylish.


Front First

JanSport backpacks of all shapes and sizes are designed to help you stow everything you need for your next adventure, including your hand sanitizer. The Big Campus backpack has a mesh pocket in front that can store your hand sanitizer as well as masks, pair of gloves, and other personal protective equipment (PPE). The Main Campus is slightly smaller but still large enough to hold your books for school or even work as a carry-on when you fly—and has a zippered pocket in front that’s a convenient spot to stash your hand sanitizer. Rather tote something smaller around? The Half Pint mini backpack is downright adorable. Despite its small size, there’s a surprising amount of interior space as well as a front utility pocket to stick your hand sanitizer in between uses.


A More Efficient Face Mask

Wearing a mask is for the safety of everyone, including yourself. Lightweight and durable, the new JanSport face mask  is comfortable enough for all-day wear, no matter where you’re headed. It has a wire nose bridge to keep your glasses from fogging (genius!) as well as convertible straps so you can wear it behind the ears or around your head. Pro tip: Always make sure to keep a few extra masks in your bag, just in case you forget or lose one.


Pocket Palooza

Pockets are another great way to keep essentials like hand sanitizer—plus anything else you might want in a pinch—by your side. Like the Big and Main Campus backpacks, the Cool Student has a water bottle pocket that could be easily repurposed for a big bottle of hand sanitizer instead. The Hatchet has two water bottle holders if you want to be extra prepared. If you don’t need that much on you at once, check out the small zippered pocket in the Hatchet’s top flap. It’s the ideal shape for a travel-sized bottle. Or, if you have a keychain holder for your travel-sized bottle, you can clip it—along with a fun keychain or two (or three)—to the West Break’s straps so it’s always in reach.


Always Accessorize

It’s no secret that the right accessories can make (or break) an outfit, and it’s the same with your backpack. You can turn a large accessory pouch into a kit for all of your PPE, from your hand sanitizer to extra masks. Or, think small: Make your backpack stand out with a novelty case. The Right Pouch—a mini backpack that’s large enough to fit all standard-size sanitizers—can also store tissues, masks, and other essentials. You can put your pouch inside your bag or clip it on the side to up the flair factor.


If you’re looking for even more flexibility, why not use a waist pack to hold your PPE? “Use [this] every day instead of a purse during this time of pandemic,” one JanSport customer raves in a review about her Way Out Waistpack. “Fits all the essentials: phone, small credit card/ID case, cash, comb, tissue, pen, keys, mask, even a few disinfectant wipes in a baggie.” The waist pack is flexible too; you can carry it solo or attach it to your backpack when you need the extra storage.



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By: Jessen O’Brien