5 Ideas for Staying Civic-Minded at Home

Civic Minded


There are ways to help even when you might be feeling helpless.


In times of crisis, it’s natural to want to do what you can to help others. But with social distancing in place among most states due to COVID-19, your typical volunteer activities may be on hiatus. The good news is that there are plenty of ways for you to give your time and energy while still keeping yourself and others safe. 


It’s easy to feel a little helpless right now, but it’s also an ideal time to use your voice and activism to make a difference. From fostering an animal in need to phone banking for your favorite candidates running for office, check out the below for ideas on how you can continue to make an impact––even if it’s from a distance.


Phone or text bank for the candidates you believe in

You’ve probably heard that there’s a pretty big election coming up this November. While there’s a lot at stake, it’s also an opportunity to make your voice heard and advocate for the causes you care about (even if you’re not old enough to vote!). One of the most effective ways you can do this is phone or text banking to get support for the candidates you want to see in office. For more information, head to your candidate of choice’s website to see how you can directly get involved.


Teach your talents and skills

Maybe you’re an advanced yogi, a chef who has perfected the art of the chocolate chip, or an expert nail artist. Or perhaps you’re a pro at designing the perfect personalized backpack. Thanks to online platforms like Zoom and Instagram Live, you can share your skills and tutorials with the masses. All you need is a steady WiFi connection and a room with good lighting, and you’re ready to make your debut. 


Foster or adopt an animal

Because of COVID-19, there’s been a significant uptick in animal adoptions. The ASPCA alone has experienced a 500 percent increase in applications through its New York and Los Angeles foster programs since March 15. While adopting a pet is a big responsibility, if you’re able to, giving a dog or cat a loving home could mean acquiring a new best (furry) friend. Win-win.


Tutor online

While many schools are closed (and will remain that way) until the end of the school year, remote or “distance” learning is still being implemented. Learning without a proper classroom has its challenges, but you can help make a student’s new academic regimen easier by offering to proofread their history paper, quizzing them on their Spanish vocab, or practicing SAT prep with them over a Zoom call.


Volunteer to “babysit”

OK, so physically babysitting another family’s kid(s) is pretty much impossible because of quarantine, but there are ways that you can help busy parents who are juggling full-time jobs from home while attempting to keep their kids entertained. Reach out to families you know who have kids and ask if you can read a story to them, play trivia, or do a fun game together like charades over Zoom. By giving parents a brief reprieve and kids someone new (and cool) to interact with, you’ll no doubt be Babysitter of the Year.


How are you staying civic-minded during these times? Let us know on social media!


By: Taylor Trudon