6 Instagram Accounts That’ll Make You Feel Better

Girl taking a photo of another girl on yellow convertible

Turn your social media timeline into a haven of positivity.


We’ve all seen plenty of airbrushed models and influencers posing in exotic locations in our IG feeds. Ready for a change? These self-care Instagram accounts will encourage a healthier attitude and boost your mood in no time.



Taking care of your mental health should always be top priority. This account can help you there, with everything from helpful self-care reminders (such as “tell someone you love them”) to fun facts (did you know 65 percent of Gen Z members want to create something world-changing?). The posts will soothe your soul whenever you scroll—and who knows, you just might learn something new in the process.



Speaking of Gen Z changing the world, you’ve got to follow 20-year-old activist Deja Foxx. She fights for progressive causes and was the youngest staffer on Kamala Harris’s presidential campaign. Whether Deja’s raising awareness about homelessness or speaking out about reproductive health, she’s sure to get you fired up and ready to make a difference. That’s truly the best form of self-care.



If you’re seeking colorful ways to express yourself, look no further than the clothing and accessories created by 21-year-old non-binary designer Hawwaa Ibrahim, who got their start by watching YouTube videos and using their mother’s old hijabs to make clothes. Hawwaa’s all-inclusive brand, called because, is fun, unique, and sure to turn some heads. Follow ASAP for some seriously cool fashion inspiration.



Stop the doomscrolling and treat yourself to some happiness. Founder @brandenharvey (who’s also worth a follow) created the Good Newspaper to share hopeful headlines and stories from around the world. Trust us, a little optimism can go a long way.



Ashton Attzs is a 21-year-old illustrator and painter in the United Kingdom who creates gorgeous, diverse art. Their vibrant work is both eye-catching and informative; there’s a series on preferred pronouns, for example, and you won’t want to miss the character called Supertransman. No matter what you’re going through, you’re welcome in this inclusive community.



This podcast—created by and for teens—covers everything important to young people, from Netflix recommendations to dealing with anxiety. The five hosts are honest and open as they share stories you’re sure to relate to. Tune in for the illuminating conversations—and then follow them on Instagram so you can spend as much time as possible hanging out with your new friends.


Looking for more ways to practice self-care? We’ve got you covered.


By: Charli Moore and Chrisanne Grise