Three friends walking down the street. One wearing a pink JanSport mini backpack.

Treat Yourself with Our Ultimate Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

Natalie Daniels Feb 12, 2024

Valentine's Day is a special holiday to remind your loved ones how much they mean to you. Whether you want to celebrate your significant other, friends, or family—or if you plan on practicing self-love (you deserve a little treat, too!)—gifts are a great way to show appreciation. Here is a gift guide of Cupid-approved backpacks to celebrate the holiday.


The Importance of Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day has been around since the eighth century. It celebrates all forms of love: family, friends, romantic partners, or even yourself. There’s a reason the people in your life have stayed in your life, whether it’s friends or your partner. And if you’re dealing with social anxiety, it’s not easy to find your people—so hold your friends tight and give them a gift they’ll appreciate.

Don’t forget that it’s important to nurture yourself too, whether that’s through positive affirmations or retail shopping. Maybe you just need affirmations or to light a really nice candle and take a warm bubble bath. You can’t nurture anyone until you nurture yourself first. You’re an incredible person, inspiring people day by day. You deserve to honor yourself for that.


Why Backpacks are the Perfect Gift 

Backpacks might not be the first option you think of for Valentine’s Day, but they’re a smart idea for any of your loved ones. First of all, JanSport backpacks will stand the test of time for their aesthetic and its durability—just like your love for your family, partner, or friends.

A backpack can be used for a variety of situations, like school, travel, and a new job. How can you choose the best backpack to give this Valentine’s Day?


The Best Backpacks for Valentine’s Gifts

Pink is the color that represents Valentine’s Day. Here are some fun pink backpacks perfect to gift your loved one on this special day and beyond.

Misty Rose Backpacks

This pinkish, almost rose gold, misty rose color fits sweetheart that may want to blend in with the crowd. While this backpack color offers a gorgeous tint of pink, it’s more of a lighter hue. You can find the Misty Rose color in the following backpacks: 

·       SuperBreak

·       Right Pack

·       Main Campus

·       Driver 8 Backpack

·       Central Adaptive Backpack

·       Half Pint Mini Backpack

·       Right Pack Mini

·       Fifth Avenue Fanny Backpack


Pink Ice and Posh Pink SuperBreak Plus

The original SuperBreak Plus with a twist is the perfect gift for this Valentine’s Day. This bestseller backpack includes a padded laptop sleeve, a side bottle pocket, and straight-cut shoulder straps. Go for the soft Pink Ice color or bold Posh pink.  


Mauve Haze Corduroy Backpacks

Mauve Haze is a rich pink color that comes right in time for Valentine’s Day. You’ll find this specific color among the Right PackHalf Pint Mini BackpacksRight Pack Mini, and Fifth Avenue Backpack. Want something with a little more pizzaz? Select the Sun Buddy Mauve Haze variant, a rich floral pink.


Beyond Backpacks: More Valentine's Gift Ideas

In addition to buying your chosen Valentine a backpack, there are more goodies you can add to the mix. Here are some other JanSport favorites.


The Jet Set Caddy or the Cinch Caddy are the perfect additions to backpack or luggage. You can use both of them to store water bottles, notebooks, pencils, bathroom products, and much more.


Everyone occasionally needs a new wallet to keep their money and credit cards safe (and stylish!). Choose from the core zipcore bifoldcore trifold, or core cardholder


You can never go wrong with JanSport clothing. Shop from hats—like the JanSport Classic Hat—and fun graphic t-shirts. For your Valentine, try the JanSport Classic Tee in Pablo Honey. Colors vary from green, off-white, black, tan, light blue, and different patterns. 

Gift Card

If you’re not entirely sure what they would want, give them a gift card. That way they’ll be able to pick the perfect JanSport item that fits them best.


How to Make Your Valentine’s Gift Sweeter

Let them know you’re thinking of them by adding smaller knick-knacks and little gems to their Valentine’s gift. 

Find their favorite candy like gummy bears, Sour Patch Kids, or chocolate, and put them in one of the pockets of a new JanSport backpack. You can also find little stickers or accessories that remind you of your special person. Or write a personalized note promising a nice dinner or a fun trip to take together. 


There are so many ways to celebrate you and your loved ones this Valentine’s Day, from pink backpacks to fun little accessories. Which JanSport pink backpack will you choose? And what other gifts will you give your family, friends, or significant other in this season of love?