A person sits at a chair holding a notebook and pencil with a Jansport accessory on the table.

What’s In Your Backpack? The Top 7 Backpack Accessories You Need

Kelly Meehan Brown Dec 12, 2023

A good, reliable backpack is much more than just a means to carry your laptop or water bottle. It’s an extension of personal style, a helping hand as you tackle what the world has to throw at you day in, day out. When you’re eager to make a statement and show the world who you are, adorning your backpack is one easy place to start.

And, it doesn’t have to be for aesthetics alone—the right accessory blends style with purpose and functionality, turning your trusty backpack into a must-have-with-you at all times. Imagine an organized backpack, with the right accessories helping you find everything you need when you’re on the go, neatly stowed and easily accessible. 

Ready to consider upgrading your backpack with some cute and handy accessories? We’ll show you the innovative, must-have backpack accessories that will feel like they were made for you.


The Organizing Caddy

There are few things more annoying than rifling through the bottom of your bag when you need to find your phone charger or add a quick pop of lip gloss. Well rummage no more—with the Cinch Caddy to hand, you’ll have everything you need at your fingertips. Organize your makeup or tech essentials right at the top of your backpack using its various inner compartments, designed with the unorganized person in mind. The embroidered blossom hydrangea version is super cute, which also helps.


Hands Free Essentials

Keeping your hands free for dancing at festivals, exploring the great outdoors, or just running errands, enter the Dopp Kit. Ready and waiting to be pulled out of your backpack whenever you need to grab your essentials. Perfect if you’re running to the gym after class or you’ve just worked out, you can’t go wrong with black or navy to keep you cute and classic.


The Carry-All Pouch

If minimalism is your jam, this one’s for you. Carry your crystals, trinkets or other small, precious items with you, knowing they’re in safe hands with this pouch. But don’t let the name fool you—there’s nothing basic about the Basic Accessory Pouch. The straightforward design means the small things are always close at hand and won’t get tangled up in whatever else is happening in your backpack. The heavy duty zipper will help your things stay secure and help you feel secure while blending in seamlessly with your backpack and the rest of your accessories.


Super Stash

If you like to travel heavy (no judgment!) and find you’re running out of space for your absolute essentials—think gum, phone, small wallet, this tiny accompaniment was made for you. The Super Stash Pouch is made from 100% recycled polyester and has webbing and loops for a all the attachment options. Check out the Space Dust design for a real treat.


The Carry Out

Just say “no” to squashed bananas and forgotten yogurts exploding at the bottom of your bag. The Carryout lunch bag’s insulated interior helps keep the hot stuff hot, the cold stuff cold, and more importantly, keeps it all in one place. With a mailbox-style opening for easy access (and cleaning) as well as an extra pocket for your all-important daily snack, it’s a deliciously practical addition to your backpack accessories list.


The Best Backpack To Accessorize

We can’t very well talk about accessories without also making sure your backpack does everything you want it to. If after you’ve read this list, you realize you’re in the market for a new carry-all, there are so many options out there for every style. Alleviate your conscience of buying another bag by going with the Restore Pack in pastel lilac or loden frost—made from recycled waste fabric and 100% surplus webbing and cording, this backpack will not only make you feel good but has ample space for all the must-have accessories you’ve been eyeing on this list.


The Matching Accessory

Okay, this one might not technically count as a backpack accessory, but it is an accessory. The Tall Beanie is stylish, available in the cutest patterns (uh, hello daisy black!), is also made from 100% recycled polyester, so it’s a look good, feel good double-header. And, since it’s ultra soft, you can still easily pop it into your backpack when your head feels toasty enough, too.