Four people walk down the street in a line. The third person from the left is wearing a grey Jansport backpack.

Best Gifts For Friends: Fun Ideas For Everyone In Your Group

Melissa Badamo Dec 01, 2023

Buying the right gifts for your friends can be difficult. Of course, you’ll want to give personalized, meaningful gifts to reflect your friends’ unique traits and interests. But, don’t worry—we’ve got you covered with the best gift ideas for every friend on your list. Here’s your one-stop best gifts for friends guide for every bestie in your group.


Gifts For the Mom Friend

The Mom Friend is always prepared for everything. And, we mean everything. They’re always stocked up on band-aids, tissues, hand sanitizer, and, of course, snacks. Therefore, the Mom Friend will need a backpack that’s roomy yet fashionable for all these essentials.

That’s why we recommend a mini backpack like the Half Pint Mini Backpack, the new Highlands Mini Backpack, or Right Pack Mini. What’s great about these bags is that they all have one main large compartment plus a quick-stash front pocket for easy access to the smaller stuff. Not to mention, these bags are a cute and practical gift that won’t break the bank. It’s a win-win-win.


Gifts For the Friend Who’s Stuck in the ‘90s

Let’s face it—the ‘90s were the bomb. That’s why we don’t blame our ‘90s Friend for being stuck three decades in the past—AKA the friend who’s always decked out in denim, flannels, and did we say denim?

Your designated ‘90s Friend will surely appreciate the Fifth Avenue Fanny Pack to add to their collection. Available in 14 different colors/designs, this wicked bag is perfect for storing scrunchies, butterfly clips, and a pair of oval sunglasses, of course. It’s all that and a bag of chips.


Gifts For the World Traveler Friend

We all have that one friend who craves thrill and adventure, the one who’s always traveling across the globe, and exploring all the Earth has to offer. You know, the one friend we’re all secretly jealous of.

For your world traveling friend, we recommend something big and sturdy like the Hatchet Backpack to accompany their next trip overseas. With a roomy main compartment, comfy shoulder straps (including side cinch straps), and a water bottle pocket, it’s the ideal companion for hiking or backpacking across Europe.

And, speaking of storage, the Dopp Kit is the ultimate multitasker. With up to six liters of capacity and internal mesh pockets to keep things in place, it’s a toiletry bag, accessory pouch, and general catch-all for the essentials. It makes a great gift to keep your friend organized wherever they go.

Your friend will also appreciate a reliable carry-on bag for boarding a flight. We recommend the Driver 8 Backpack, which comes equipped with tuck-away shoulder straps and a padded back panel for maximum airport comfort. Plus, it has wheels and a durable handle for easy transport.

And, if you’re traveling with your friend, why not grab a matching one for yourself?


Gifts For the Free-Spirit Friend

Like the World Traveler, the Free Spirit Friend isn’t tied down to any one place. They love to roam around and fully immerse themselves in nature. Because they have such a strong connection to the Earth and its colors, your Free-Spirit Friend would absolutely love the Loden Frost Restore Tote.

This super spacious bag is made from RENU® recycled waste fabric, 100% surplus webbing and cording, and 100% recycled polyester labels. With a durable, Earth-friendly bag like this, they can go wherever the wind takes them.


Gifts For the Party Animal Friend

Usually the extrovert of the group, the Party Animal Friend, always lives life in color. That’s why we recommend the Main Campus backpack in Simple Cut Out Green. The design—a retro explosion of green and cream, will bring out your friend’s bubbly, one-of-a-kind personality.

Most importantly, its two main compartments stores all the party essentials in one place, like a portable music player and all the snacks you could ever dream of. The Main Campus is surely a party in a bag.


Gifts For the Academic Friend

If the Party Animal is the group extrovert, the Academic is most likely the more introverted, studious friend who’s probably obsessing over their next essay or exam. While you can’t exactly gift them what they truly desire (good grades and eight hours of sleep), the Cool Student is a great alternative.

This quintessential backpack features two main compartments, a 15-inch laptop sleeve, and two exterior zippered stash pockets. This way, they can organize all their stationery into tidy yet spacious compartments. After all, organization boosts productivity.

Speaking of organization, the Academic Friend will also appreciate a good Accessory Pouch for storing small stuff like pens and a phone charger to prepare for those late-night study seshes.


If you’re stumped on the best gifts for your friends this year, we hope this guide covers everyone on your list. And, if you fall into any of these friend categories, why not treat yourself?