Two girls stand facing away from the camera; the girl on the right is dressed in black with a white skeleton design on the back, while the girl on the right is wearing a blue shirt with a Jansport backpack.

Creative DIY Halloween Backpack-Inspired Costumes

Maya Capasso Oct 19, 2023

Searching for the perfect DIY Halloween costume? You'd be surprised how many costumes you can make just using a backpack and your imagination. And, creating your own costume makes Halloween even more exciting because you'll feel extra proud when you get tons of compliments. Here are some Halloween backpack costume ideas to help you stand out on the spookiest night of the year.


1. Jet Pack Costume

Emulate your favorite action stars by wearing a DIY jetpack costume. Dress in a jumpsuit or wear all black to get that high-flying look. To create your jetpack for this Halloween backpack-centered costume, there are a few options.

If you want to create a realistic-looking jetpack from a backpack, try going with the Ski 'n Hike in Forge Grey or Red Tape. Its futuristic shape lends perfectly to the body of a jetpack. Another great option is the Suede Campus Backpack in the Space and Time pattern. While less realistic, this look will make partygoers and fellow trick-or-treaters feel like you're about to launch right into outer space. 

To make the jets, paint two old paper towel rolls or two-liter soda bottles to attach to either side of the backpack. Add flames by cutting up orange, yellow, and red pieces of construction paper, foam, or crumpled-up tissue paper to make it look like you're blasting off. 


2. Turtle Costume

Transform yourself into a turtle this year with the help of the Pro Pack in the color Curry. This sleek backpack has many compartments inside, but the outside is flat and smooth, like a turtle shell. Cut out green hexagons of foam or construction paper to fasten on the backpack to create the turtle shell pattern. To complete the look, all you have to do is dress in all green and brown–and don't forget to walk as slowly as possible.


3. ‘80s Fitness Instructor Costume

Are you ready to break a sweat? You won't have to if you put together this simple Halloween costume. '80s fitness instructors are known for wearing a leotard over tights, often with leg warmers, all in bright colors or pastels. Once you assemble the outfit, add a finishing touch with the Restore Waistpack. Depending on your color scheme, you could get the fanny pack in light blue Hydrangea or Pastel Lilac. Don't forget to clap your hands and do a few lunges while you're out on Halloween night.


4. Park Ranger Costume

Live your outdoorsy dreams for one night when you dress up as a park ranger. It's one of the easiest DIY costumes ever because you may already own most components. Put on some khaki or cargo pants and pair them with a neutral-toned collared shirt. Grab an outdoorsy campaign hat and boots, and you're almost ready to head outside. But don't forget your park ranger Halloween backpack. To finish your look, go for a camping or hiking-style backpack like the Hatchet Backpack in Curry or Army Green. 


5. Paranormal Investigator Costume

Ghosts, witches, and monsters are on the prowl on Halloween night. Dress up as a paranormal investigator to celebrate Halloween and ward off evil spirits, ghouls, and vampires. Dress up in all khaki with a black belt for a classic look. Pop on the Odyssey Backpack and make sure to secure the sternum strap. You can create your own paranormal scanner out of old bottles and a hose or by adding decoration to a hair dryer or curling iron. 

Wear all black with the Mesh Pack Backpack in Black if you want a more modern, simple look. Your creativity can truly shine with this partially transparent bag because you can fill it with props to enhance your costume, like garlic to keep vampires at bay, bottles with handmade labels that read Banshee Repellant and Monster Spray, and maybe even some toy creatures trapped in jars. 


6. Tourist Costume

Pop on a Hawaiian shirt, shorts, and sunglasses, and you'll look like a tourist. For bonus points, wear a brightly-colored visor and ask everyone around you for directions to the resort's pool. No tourist DIY costume is complete without a fanny pack, like the Fifth Avenue Fanny Pack. Choose a bright color with a fun pattern, like Skip Daisy Yellow or the dark blue Kidcore Charms option. If you want to go (or fly) the extra mile, drag the rolling Driver 8 Backpack behind you as your luggage as a creative way to carry your Halloween candy. 


Searching for more DIY Halloween costume tips? Here's a guide to help you craft your own costume.