5 Reasons To Love the Undyed Backpack

J. O’Brien Sep 26, 2022

JanSport has long created backpacks with the environment in mind. 

And with what might just be its greenest backpack yet: the undyed Recycled SuperBreak is a game-changing essential. Here are five reasons why this backpack will be your new bag BFF.


It’s Good For the Planet

The Recycled SuperBreak is JanSport’s first bag made from 100% recycled fabrics. Created out of plastic bottles and other kinds of waste, each backpack is roughly the equivalent of 20 water bottles worth of recycled plastic. JanSport was able to recycle the equivalent of 13 million plastic bottles in a single season by using recycled fabrics in eight different kinds of bags.

But that’s not all. The machines that are used to make the Recycled SuperBreak are also eco-friendly. They’re powered by renewable solar energy. And, thanks to the fabrics’ solvent free PU coating, far fewer hazardous chemicals are produced during manufacturing than would be traditionally.


Built To Last

It’s always better to buy items that you can get mileage out of for years to come over fast fashion. Having to replace your backpack less often means less hassle, less expense, and is significantly better for the planet. Around 85% of all textiles end up in a landfill each year in the U.S. On average, each American throws out 82 pounds of clothing each year.

That’s why JanSport’s products are made with durability in mind. The undyed SuperBreak is no exception. It’s made from fabrics and materials that are known for their strength and durability so you can buy it once and enjoy it for years to come. And, if anything ever does happen to your backpack, you can return it to JanSport’s warranty center to be repaired.


It Goes With Everything

Part of what makes the undyed backpack so great is that it’s a minimalist’s dream: completely monochrome and utterly neutral. Wearing a floral dress, a lime-green tee, or a denim jumpsuit? Whatever look you’re rocking— and even as your style changes over the years, you never have to worry about the undyed backpack clashing. Because it’s such a timeless neutral, it’s always chic and always on-trend.


Space For Creativity

And, if you’re not a minimalist and want a backpack that stands out from the crowd, this backpack is still the perfect pick because you can fully customize it. Draw on it with fabric markers, add a patch or two (or seven), or get busy with an embroidery needle. You could get out a tie-dye kit to give your backpack psychedelic spin or dip-dye it to create an ombre effect. The options are as endless as your imagination.


Smart Packing

This backpack can hold up to 26 liters—which means there’s plenty of space to stow all of your school supplies or even double as a suitcase for short getaways. There’s one large main compartment for books, binders, and notebooks, and a second utility pocket in front that’s the right size for pencils, calculators, and other smaller items. If you tend to have trouble finding your stuff, you can use Accessory Pouches to organize everything so what you need is always easily in reach.

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