New Ways To Do Florals

Kim Yeoh Sep 08, 2022

Floral for spring? Well, if there’s one style philosophy we can learn from Fashion Week and the internet in general, is that floral fashion is for all seasons.

From bold prints on dresses to the tropics-inspired floral accessories, it’s a sure-fire way to brighten and liven up any outfit for any occasion.


If you’re someone who aren’t used to wearing loud prints or bold colors, floral can seem intimidating and overwhelming. Before you write off floral from your wardrobe, we’re here to offer some ideas on how to wear floral in ways that help you express your unique personality while feeling comfortable in your own skin. After all, fashion is what you feel confident in!


1. Make floral your statement piece

The hard-and-fast rule of floral is to make it the centrepiece. Opt for an eye-catching dress with large floral prints and accessorise lightly or go the opposite way; Go for a solid color palette and pair your outfit with a small floral backpack that is guaranteed to turn heads. The key here is to curate your outfit around the floral piece, whether it be a dress, a headband, or a bag, and give it all the eyeballs it deserves.


2. Explore roses in new light

From the rise of Y2K fashion to Carrie Bradshaw’s oversized Channel flower pin, roses are giving us major comeback vibes this season. Roses are designers’ old new favorite especially for its versatility to be inclusive of any personality. From the ultra-feminine to the cottage core, roses are there for you. Channel your inner romantic spirit for a sheer rose patterned dress or opt for a grungier, edgy look with this traditional American rose tattoo-inspired backpack.


3. Embrace the art of subtlety with pastel

Femininity is reaching a peak in 2022. If you’re someone who wants to wear floral without all the loudness, pastel and smaller flower prints are the way to go. If you’re someone who usually reaches for earthy, minimal tones, pastels are a great way to start experimenting with colors. Imagine pairing this Half Pint Mini Backpack with Lazy Sundaisies with a white linen shirt.


4. Mix it up with patterns and prints

Who says floral always have to be the center of attention? Like how you would buy a bouquet to brighten up your apartment, floral is a cherry on top when you pair it with other prints and patterns. This Suede Campus Backpack with Daisy Park is the perfect example of mixing florals and patterns to create a whole new mood.


5. Mimic sunshine and nature with sunflowers

Tropical prints have been trending for the past few years most likely due to our need for warm weather, the urge to travel miles into the tropical jungle to stay close to nature, or simply just to go outside and make 2022 a memorable one. We don’t blame you. So, we’ve launched a new Batik Sunflower collection so that you can carry sunshine wherever you choose to go.


No matter how you choose to include floral in your fashion styles, like many other nature prints, are a reminder to stay close to our roots and care for our environment. Make this list a guide on how to sprinkle joy and colors into your life!