How to Pick the Right Bag for You

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Choosing a backpack that meets all your needs can be tough—but this guide will help you find the perfect bag.


Everybody has different requirements for a backpack. I personally want to be able to carry all my daily essentials—my laptop, a book for a long commute, and lunch, if I remembered to pack it—without the bag putting a lot of weight on my shoulders. But other people may prefer something sleek and small that holds only the essentials. Whatever your preferences, at least one of these bags will accommodate your needs and cater to your lifestyle. Get ready to meet the perfect backpack.


For the On-Campus Student: SuperBreak Plus

Whether you're currently on a college campus or taking classes remotely, chances are you’ll need a big backpack to carry all your textbooks and assignments at some point. The beloved SuperBreak Plus is one of our best packs for college and can fit it all, including your laptop and water bottle. Pro tip: This bag is also great for outdoor adventures, even if it’s just camping in the backyard.


For the City Commuter: Hatchet Backpack

This popular backpack is easy to keep organized, no matter what your schedule looks like, thanks to its versatile laptop sleeve, deluxe organizer panel, and tablet pocket. A little loaded down after a busy day? Don’t worry, because the Hatchet holds all your belongings without getting too bulky. That’ll make dashing around the city feel like a walk in the park.


For the Local Adventurer: Super Lite

At just 10 ounces, this backpack is amazingly lightweight, making it ideal for those who are out exploring their neighborhoods or running errands close to home. But just because it’s light doesn’t mean it can hold all your stuff; it still features a 15” laptop sleeve, a front utility pocket with an organizer, and plenty of back padding. Choose a bright shade to add a fresh pop of color to your outfit.


For the Trailblazer: Super FX Backpack

If you prefer to make a statement with your backpack choice, the iridescent colors and prism effects of the Super FX will give you a futuristic edge. But don’t worry, it’s practical too, with plenty of space in the main compartment for all your books and tech.


For the Go-getter: Driver 8 Backpack

If you’re always lugging heavy belongings, a roller bag may be a lifesaver. Don’t want to use the wheels all the time? No problem, as the Driver 8 can convert from a backpack to a roller with tuck-away shoulder straps. It’s the perfect solution for anyone who’s always on the go.


Want to explore all your options? Try this fun quiz or shop by feature to narrow down your backpack choices even further!


By: Larry Stansbury