Person sitting at a table with friends opening their JanSport cinch bag.

Get The Most Out Of Your Multitasking Cinch Bag

J. O’Brien Oct 19, 2022

There are oh-so many reasons to love the new Cinch Caddy Bag — including the fact that it’s cute, practical, and comes in a variety of great colors and patterns.

On top of all that, the Cinch Caddy Bag is incredibly versatile. So whether you’re on the fence or are looking for ways to get the most out of your Cinch Caddy Bag, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite ways to use this multipurpose drawstring bag below.


To Keep Your Hands Free

Whether you’re walking the dog or carrying a latte, having a bag that’s hands-free has a ton of advantages. In addition to carrying more, you can easily pull out your mask and other hand sanitization gear when you need it out of your Pakalong; shake or hold hands; and have more flexibility. The Cinch Caddy Bag can be slung over your shoulder and securely cinched so that you don’t have to clutch it, keeping your hands available for whatever comes your way.


To Pack for a Trip

Are you heading out on vacation? Instead of using packing cubes to organize your things, pack smarter with your Cinch Caddy Bag. With one main compartment, plus inner stretch mesh organizer pockets to help keep your essentials in place, it’s ideal for storing shoes within your suitcase or bag. Stuff them first with socks, tights, and other small items and make sure to put the shoes within a dust bag to keep the inside of your caddy clean. Doing so will not only help your shoes keep their shape instead of getting crushed in your bag but will also allow you to pack more items. 


To Stay Organized

Keeping your things in order will help you get more done and stress less. For one thing, you’ll spend a lot less time worrying about where you put your homework. Getting organized doesn’t mean that you have to splurge on desk accessories either. You can use items you already own or which can do double duty to create a place for your stuff. The Cinch Caddy Bag makes a great desk caddy. And if you fill it with your essentials, you can easily take it with you when you want to pack up and head to an alternate study spot like the library or over to a friend’s place.


To Go on a Picnic

Your Cinch Caddy Bag also makes for a great picnic bag. You can use the compartment and pockets to hold water bottles, silverware, napkins, and mason jars or tupperware filled with food. Once you arrive at your destination, place your Cinch Caddy Bag in the center of your spread so that everyone can easily grab items like silverware and napkins without them getting dirty or being blown away by the wind.


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