The Best White Elephant Gifts Under $40

Lil break pouches sitting on the fireplace with pine garland


Shop for family, friends, or coworkers white elephant gift exchange ideas that won't break the bank


Great news: you've been invited to a white elephant what? Finding the perfect white elephant gift ideas for under $40 for a holiday exchange can be tricky. You want something that’s fun and will grab people’s attention, but you don’t want to drop too much money or give something that’ll get tossed in the trash as soon as the swap is over. Never fear. We’ve got a holiday gift guide for white elephant gifts your friends or coworkers will actually want—and they’re $40 or less.


Bags For The Essentials

If your friends are always on the go, they could probably use a cute bag to help them carry the important stuff on their adventures. The Fifth Avenue Fanny Pack, water bottle Kitsack, and Essential Carryall are all stylish and practical, making them perfect for everything from a trip to the grocery store to a day out. 


DIY Gift Sets

Create your own bespoke gift set as your white elephant gift by stuffing a small bag like the Pakalong Waist Pack with a load of handy stuff like hand sani, a chapstick, lip gloss, and a gift card. Or make it even more unique by packing something they really love like a coffee mug or a favorite candy or hot sauce. 


The Backpack That Does It All

Our Right Pack is iconic for a reason: It’s durable, has plenty of space for all the essentials, and comes in a variety of fun colors and prints. And, it’s now served in a mini size. Whatever your gift recipient gets up to—whether it’s going to school or heading to the park for a picnic—this bag is a great gift to help them travel in style.


Easy Accessories

Give the gift of cozy and cool all chilly season and beyond with a snuggly soft beanie hat. An easy, non-sized universal gift for anyone to wear, it’s made with recycled polyester and for under $25 it’s better on the planet and your wallet too. And, it comes in fun shades too.


Power Lunch

Treat them to a hot or cold lunch. The Lunch Break keeps food cold or warm, and fits easily into another bag, so they never have to worry about another spill again. It also comes in an array of prints and colors to add a pop of color and personality to any look. 


Tee Time

Channel some laid-back retro vibes with this lineup of quintessentially classic T-shirts. Find a motif or statement that resonates best with your white elephant recipient’s style and watch as everyone wants to swap their gifts for it. And, these tees are made with climate considerate cotton. What’s not to love?


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