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7 Prints To Live Your Best Boho Life

Jamie Ditaranto Jan 19, 2023

Boho, short for bohemian—which if you’re studying for your history exam, is a region of Eastern Europe, evokes images of long flowy dresses, fresh flowers, and calm vibes. 

The boho aesthetic has worked its way into everything from interior design to fashion and now you can rock the boho aesthetic every day with one of these stylish boho backpacks.

Utilizing florals, neutral tones, and exotic pops of color, these boho prints will bring a little bit of airiness and whimsy to your daily backpack style.


Fab Florals

Floral is the intersection where cottagecore and boho happily cross. With a pale blue background and a scattering of sweet white daisies, the SuperBreak® Lazy Sundaisies backpack adds a touch of fun to your outfit. Just imagine how well it will go with that flowy off-white piece you have waiting in your closet for a perfect spring day.


Mystic Cool

If your boho aesthetic leans towards the mystical end of the spectrum—aka you own more than one deck of tarot cards and crystals—the SuperBreak® Ombre Trance may be the perfect backpack for you. Featuring a pattern of suns and moons smiling at each other against a blueish night sky, this print is a little bit cosmic and very playful.


Paisley Power

One major element of the boho aesthetic is making good use of geometric patterns, which is why the SuperBreak® Flash Floral is a fantastic choice for a boho backpack. The classic red rose pattern is set against a bright tan backdrop. This gives the backpack a magically shiny quality that’s subtle enough to go with any boho style.

Paisley is a great pattern to mix and match and according to what’s trending in 2022 and clashing prints are definitely in.


Earthy Tones

You can’t get a better combination of earth tones and exotic natural patterns than the Right Pack Cave Doodle. This clay-brown backpack features aesthetically-pleasing geometric shapes that look like they have been drawn by hand. With a reddish undertone, the colors are warm and neutral, perfect for a boho style that embraces pops of color.



With playful references to mystical motifs like the all-seeing eye and a skull and aones, the SuperBreak® Plus Traditional Tats backpack is another playful way to show off your mystical side. Set against a pale yellow background with pink and gold accents, this backpack print will really go well with any look you wear.


Sultry Boho

Halfway between a boho and a dark academia aesthetic, you might think the Main Campus QR Codebackpack would be too dark to make it work for boho—but black is always in style, no matter the aesthetic. When you look closely at this print, you’ll notice that science-, yet still artistic-themed graphics totally speaks to what boho is all about.


Psychodelic Style

On the opposite end of the spectrum from boho’s dark side, you’re well within your boho rights to get a little psychedelic. The SuperBreak® Pretty Peony backpack is the perfect print to do so. With an olive green and fluorescent pink, purple, and orange color scheme this floral print is straight-up groovy, paying homage to the boho aesthetic’s ‘70s roots.

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