How To Cute Up Your Corduroy

Mandy Carr Oct 26, 2022

The 70s corduroy trend is back and it’s the perfect fabric for fall and winter

This unique fabric adds texture and feels cozy—and it’s super-stylish, too. From A-listers to influencers and even royalty, corduroy is having a moment, and for good reason: It’s one of those fabrics that looks great on everyone.


What Is Corduroy?

Corduroy has an interesting, raised texture that adds versatility to your outfits. It’s studded with a series of ridges, which are called “wales,” and create distinctive lines on the fabric. That’s also why corduroy feels bumpy when you touch it!

This fabric is particularly durable and sustainable, and is used to make pants, jackets, and shirts—as well as corduroy backpacks. You can wear corduroy year-round, but it’s particularly great for cold weather, because it’s great at keeping in heat.

Generally, cotton is used for corduroy, but you might also see polyester or spandex mixes to help the fabric keep for longer. 


Is Corduroy In Style?

Some people will tell you that corduroy has never been out of style. Corduroy certainly has a timeless, classic appeal, and it’s had a popularity boost in nearly every decade.

But even if you think corduroy’s previous heyday ended in the ‘70s, this fabric is definitely back in the limelight today. It’s one of TikTok’s favorite fashion trends and has been spotted on celebs from Hailey Bieber to Katie Holmes, proving these cozy duds are truly on trend. 


Corduroy Fashion Tips

Corduroy is such a fantastically versatile fabric. While pants are a popular way to weave corduroy into your look, there’s so much more you can do with this trend. 


Go Retro Head-to-Toe

If you’re looking for major retro vibes, check out iconic actress Diane Keaton in the ‘70s. She loved wearing head-to-toe corduroy. To channel her style, wear a corduroy suit paired with a graphic or logo tee. You can also work it with a solid shirt for a more professional setting.


Pair Your Jacket and Skirt (or Pants!)

Another way to style your corduroy is by working a matching jacket and skirt set with a plain shirt underneath, paired with the Half Pint backpack in Misty Rose—a cute, creamy, pink-hued bag that works with any corduroy look. (In fact, it’s one of our favorite pink backpack picks!) Finish it off with ankle boots and a necklace.


Let a Corduroy Backpack Shine

If matching sets aren’t your jam, try pairing your corduroy backpack with a leather jacket or blazer over high-waisted mom jeans. Adding in that splash of texture with your accessorizing will help you nail the trend without trying too hard.

For a more low-key take on the corduroy trend, keep things simple but chic with the Travertin Corduroy Fifth Avenue fanny pack, which could top just about any look, and paired with your favorite boots or sneakers.


Add Texture with One Statement Piece

Try opting for a single pair of corduroy pants or a jacket to add texture and character to your look. Keep it simple, without clashing colors or fabrics—unless you really want to, that is. 

You could even wear a corduroy suit with straight-leg pants—like Harry Styles. (Yes, men, this trend is for you, too!) It screams suave. Don’t forget your dress shoes for this look.


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