Person bending down to tie their shoelaces in front of a pink JanSport backpack.

Pretty in Pink: Five Must-have Pink Backpacks

Melissa Badamo Jul 05, 2023

Pink never goes out of style. Love, kindness, playfulness, and positivity are just some of the characteristics this cute color represents. From solids to florals, hot pink to light pink backpacks, there’s a shade for everyone to express this fun statement color. 

Here are five of our favorite pink backpacks to help make your personality pop.


The Hot Pink Backpack

If you’re looking for a bold, pink backpack with a modern look, the SuperBreak® Plus in begonia pink is for you. After all, solid colors never go out of style. Equipped with a padded laptop sleeve, a water bottle pocket, and an accessible organizer compartment, this backpack is not only cute and classy, but also practical. If you’re looking for a quiet, more subdued shade of pink that can go with any outfit, the Superbreak® Plus is also available in a misty rose.


The Floral Pink Backpack

Spice up your pink by adding some florals. The SuperBreak® Plus in dried foliage features a medley of pale-yellow flowers with a dash of periwinkle against a peachy base. It’s the perfect pack to let your grades, motivation, and style bloom, especially if you’re channelling the cottagecore aesthetic.

If you’re into patterns but want to veer away from florals, check out the “Happy and Sad Pink” design, which features subtle smiley and frowny faces against a pink background. Ideal for when you want to wear your emotions on your sleeve—aka shoulders.


The Quirky Pink Backpack

In the wise words of Harry Styles, this backpack tastes like strawberries on a summer evenin’. Okay, while the Big Student in strawberry shower backpack may not taste like strawberries, it’ll still keep you looking fresh and cute all day long. The strawberries also look like little hearts, so it’s perfect for all the fellow hopeless romantics out there. With two main compartments, two external pockets, a padded laptop sleeve, and a water bottle pocket, this sweet backpack has it all.


The Peachy Pink Backpack

We’re keeping the fruit theme going with this ultra-cute peachy backpack. This stylish, heavy-duty Main Campus in peach shimmer features a cool, explosive pattern of pink and orange—it’s giving Hayley Williams’s iconic hair circa 2013. While solids colors sure are classy, there’s just something about this fluorescent, retro swirl pattern that makes this easy peachy pink backpack a groovy, statement look.


The Light Pink Backpack

A light pink backpack could be just the thing if you want to dip a toe into the trend but don’t want to commit to all-out brights. The Ski N Hike in vintage pink is a timelessly cool backpack and super pragmatic too with its generous main compartment and easy outer pocket. Take it on your hikes or for coffee with friends. And, if you’re working the Pastel Academia look, this back will be your go-to. 


Whether you’re into solid colors, florals, or bold and quirky prints, there’s an array of pink backpacks to match your style. Opt for a hot pink backpack to feel bold and confident, a light pink backpack for some calm and chill vibes, a floral pattern to add interest, or a burst of pink and orange pattern to feel spunky and spontaneous. The choice is yours.