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What's Your Backpack Personality?

Natalie Daniels Sep 08, 2022

Each of us has different traits that make us unique. 

Whether it’s the clothes we wear or the things we like, we all want to make our own statement and show off our personality. And, where better to reflect your sense of style and personality than with a trending backpack? With an array of personalized backpacks available at JanSport, we break it down to help you find the one that truly expresses you.


For Cool Creative Types

Let your creativity and personality shine with the Color It Yourself Collection. This collection offers SuperBreak® Plus backpacks with three different styles.The outside of the backpack is set up like the page of a coloring book; the design is a white canvas with little doodles. You’ll be able to color the doodles yourself, letting your inner artist shine. Whether you’re a dog person, love camo colors, or enjoy being among nature, you’ll find a Color It Yourself Backpack that best fits you.


Vintage Fans

Inspired by the bag styles of the ‘70s, the classic Right Pack backpack is both retro and relevant to right now. The ideal backpack for vintage lovers who love a nod to nostalgia, these backpacks are personalized based on what you need to carry. There are laptops sleeves for the college students on the go, an organizer for those who need to be in control, and one main compartment for those who don’t have a lot to bring places. With different designs, you’ll find the “right pack” for you. 


Mood-Boosting Backpacks

When looking for the right backpack, the bigger the backpack, the better prepared you’ll be for anything and everything. A large pack signifies a large brain and that you’re big on organization. Step forward the SuperBreak® Plus. It’s a well-sized bag with compartments for a laptop, water bottle, and other necessities. Available in a rainbow of shades, each color represents a different mood. Which speaks to you?


Upbeat Energy

The pale banana color of the SuperBreak® Plus in Pale Banana gives off happy and exciting vibes. Because of its warm, sunny tone, this color has an upbeat and positive energy. If you’re looking to show off your bright personality, or you need some cheerful support, this is the pack for you.


Cool + Calm

The dark colors of the SuperBreak® Plus in Dark Duachrome give off peaceful and tranquil energies. Its cool oceanic tones helps calm and soothe. If you’re usually a level-headed, serene person or are looking for more of that in your life, you’ll want this pack on your team.


Good Luck

The mint chip color of this SuperBreak® Plus in Mint Chip gives off refreshing, optimistic, and positive energies. With the backpack’s grassy, pastel, environmental tones spreading high-vibes and good luck, this is the pack for that uplifting mood.


Friendly + Fun

The misty rose color of this SuperBreak® Plus gives off friendly and self-confident vibes. Its warm, notice-me hues aren’t for the color-shy, and will show off your extroverted personality to perfection.[c1] 


Personalize your backpack with accessories

You can make your backpack even more unique with backpack patches. With 10 designs to choose from, you can show off your edgy side with a sugar skull patch or your optimistic outlook with a butterfly patch. Try to emphasize your fierce exterior with the tiger, lip drip, and “LIT” patches. Let your love of food shine with pizza and ice cream patches. Do you like music or the big city, or both? Check out the guitar and New York City Big Apple patches.  

Let your mood and personality guide you to picking the right pack for you, then tag us with your choice on social media at #LifeUnzipped.



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