A person zips a blue Jansport duffle.

How to Pack Your Duffel Bag Like A Pro

Mandy Carr Dec 15, 2023

You’re all excited about your trip, but before you can go on your adventure, you have to pack. With so many decisions around what to bring—let alone how to get it all to fit, there’s a reason why so many people leave packing to the last minute and stress-out about it.

That’s where swapping a suitcase for a duffel bag can make all the difference. It’s more versatile than a suitcase—meaning you can stuff it full more easily, it makes packing that little bit easier, and it’s a whole lot kinder on your wallet too. They also come in lots of different sizes and styles, so you can find one to fit your aesthetic— even if you love floral print aka "cottagecore"

So grab your SuperBreak® Away Duffel Am 40L, and these handy tips on how to pack a duffel bag will get you ready for your next trip.


Efficient Packing Starts With Planning 

Before you start to pack, you need to plan what you’ll take. This will ensure you only pack what you need and that you don’t forget your essentials. First, think about where you’re going, what you’ll be doing, and, most importantly, what temperature it will be. Camping in the summer will require very different clothes than in the winter. Or, if it’s a city trip, you’ll need to pack a variety of different outfits for day and night. And if you are vacationing on a beach with a wheelchair, you’ll need to pack for beach times, evenings out, plus any necessary equipment. 

Keep in mind the length of time you’ll be away, too, like if you’re going on a day hike in the mountains. Once you know your itinerary, then plan your looks. The most organized packers plan a day look and a night look for each day of the trip. That way all the decision-making has been done and you can focus on having fun. 

Write yourself a little checklist—whether on your phone or a notebook, of your outfits, toiletries, and any electronics you want to bring, like a tablet and chargers. And, if you’re in the middle of binging a show, make sure to download some episodes to have them ready to go. Don’t forget a pack of cards or other games too.


Space Saving Tip

How to pack a duffel 101. To get the most space from your SuperBreak® Away Duffel 60L bag, roll your clothes instead of folding them. This ensures you fit everything in and it also helps reduce wrinkles. That way there’s no awkward moment when you realize your outfit is super wrinkled and there isn’t an iron or steamer for miles. It’s also easier to find your clothes. No rummaging, just grab, unroll, and go enjoy your day.

Once you’ve gathered all of the clothes you want to pack, start with the longer items. Lay them out flat and smooth. Start rolling from one end, and roll as tightly as possible to save space. Place them in your duffel bag and then stack more rolls of clothes on top. Once all your clothes are packed, you can place your shoes right on top or have them go in at the bottom. Pro Tip: Always make sure you put your shoes in plastic bags or cotton totes to avoid messing up your clothes. Dry your shoes before you pack them too.


Packing Hack: Use Accessories and Compartments

The next step is packing all your toiletries and the Cinch Caddy is perfect for that. It’s an easy extra compartment to add to your bag to stash your essentials and help you get washed up quickly in the morning and evening. There are also lined pockets to help with organization and a cinch top to make it easy to access. Store your toothpaste and toothbrush in its mesh pockets. It also makes a great makeup bag too. For another great option to store your toiletries, try the Dopp Kit. It’s similar to the Cinch Caddy but has a zipper. 

Lastly, the front pocket of your duffel bag is a great place to store your headphones, glasses, and anything else you’ll want easy, quick access to. Make sure it's zipped up so nothing falls out. 


Now you know how to pack your duffel bag like a pro, you’re ready to have a great trip. Just throw it in the car, or it's great when you just want to do carry-on for a flight. Just make sure your toiletries meet the TSA liquid size requirements. And, of course you can check your duffel too. Remember to add a padlock and luggage tag to it to keep your items secure. If you are more into taking roller luggage for your flights, the Jet Set Caddy is the perfect accessory for your phone and coffee, and it easily attaches to your luggage.