Back of woman's head with hair tied back with a black ribbon into a bow.

4 Ways to Tie Ribbons and Bows

Kelly Meehan Brown Feb 21, 2024

This is knot your average accessory. Yes, bows have come back into fashion in a big way and (we predict) will only continue to grow in popularity in 2024. From the resurgence of the ballet flat to Barbie-chic on the big screen, bows have dominated TikTok and beyond over the last year. 

How can you stay on trend while staying true to your own individual style? Whether you want to live your best cottagecore life, reclaim your schoolgirl days, or channel 17th century France, there are a multitude of ways to do so using bows. 

Check out these different kinds of bows, plus how to tie them and use them to express yourself this summer.


Classic Bow

Sometimes called a basic bow, this style is anything but. Yes, it’s the most simplistic form of bow, but there’s nothing simple about how it elevates a look. And it couldn’t be easier to achieve: Choose the object you want to accessorize with the bow (tip: it looks killer on backpacks like the Superbreak Plus), select your ribbon (keeping in mind texture and size) and it’s time to start. 

Loop the ribbon through the handle or strap and secure with a regular knot. (You can even create this bow independently, and then pin it on the fabric.) Ensure the lengths of both sides are even—though you can always adjust at the end. Then make two loops with the left and right sides of the ribbon, crossing the right over the left. Pull the right loop through the gap created by the left loop and tighten. Adjust to your favored loop style and you're good to go! 


Package Bow

Learning this bow will help not just express your personality, but also wrap gifts over the holidays! Yes, the package bow is a great skill to pick up and practice so you’re ready when the creative mood strikes. 

Start by choosing what you want to bow, such as your Cinch Caddy, and wrap the ribbon around it horizontally (or vertically—whatever style fits!). Knot the ends together in the middle. Make a loop with the left and right sides, bring the right under the left, and tighten to secure it in place.


Double Bow

This one is so pretty you’ll want to add it to everything you own. It might sound a little tricky at first, but it’s not as complex as it may appear. 

First, choose your ribbon. Hold the ribbon over your non-dominant hand (so your left hand if you’re right-handed and vice versa). Next, wrap the ribbon behind your index finger and in front of your middle finger. The wider your fingers, the wider the loop in the bow. Wrap the ribbon around your fingers twice like a figure eight. Once that’s done, put the end of the ribbon over the figure-eight pattern and thread it through the V-shaped gap the index and middle fingers created. 

Pull it all the way through—but you’re not done yet. Put the end of your ribbon underneath and through the wrapped area and pull it tight. Then slide it off your fingers and voila! The perfect double bow. Adjust the bow loops and trim the ends to get the size you want. How cute would it look on the Right Pack in Sun Buddy Deep Juniper?! 


Pom-Pom Bow

Now, this bow will make you the talk of the town. Put your ribbon in hand and form a circle about the width you want the bow to be. Loop the ribbon around this circle until you have eight or nine loops. Then flatten the loops into a line and, using scissors, make a small diagonal cut at each corner. Refold the loops so that the cut notches meet in the center. Tie wire or string around the center notches and secure. 

Now, starting on one side of the bow, pull out the innermost loop and twist to the right. Twist the next to the left, and so on. Do this for all loops on both sides. Now fluff and style as desired, and add it using wire or with double-sided tape to your Restore Tote for an added dash of flair.