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How to Pull off the “Pastel Academia” Aesthetic

Melissa Badamo Jun 27, 2023

Of all the latest TikTok fashion trends, the Pastel Academia aesthetic is surely one of the prettiest. Characterized by soft, subdued color palettes and comfortable clothes, this aesthetic is the perfect back to school fashion statement to keep you stylish and studious. The perfect fusion of sweet shades and easy, relaxed silhouettes, with preppy and studious vibes, here’s everything you need to know about Pastel Academia, trending backpacks, and a guide to some of the best pastel staples to rock this look.


Choose your colors and base

The Pastel Academia aesthetic has some preppy qualities, so you’ll see lots of blouses and collared shirts defining this look. Pinks and purples are most popular, but light blue, pale yellow, and sage green are also popular pastel color choices. You can even fuse Pastel Academia with Cottagecore by opting for pastel attire adorned with floral patterns.


Layer, then layer some more

This fashion and accessories trend is all about layers. Once you’ve chosen the base of your outfit, layer a sweater vest or cardigan in your preferred pastel hue over a white blouse or collared shirt. You can vary your look by either buttoning and tucking in your cardigan and leaving it open and free. It’s all about being cozy and comfortable—oversized, slouchy sweaters are key, so don’t be afraid to play around with what you look and feel best in.

If it’s a particularly chilly day, you may want to throw an extra outer layer onto your outfit. Pink, purple, or light blue trench coats are a big part of the look, or you can even opt for a pastel blazer if you’re gearing more towards an elegant effect.


Don’t skirt around the bottoms

Now that you’ve aced your tops and outerwear, it’s time to pair it up with the other half of your outfit. Plaid skirts are an extremely common choice for this aesthetic, again following the pink/purple/blue color scheme. Pair them with tights depending on the weather and outfit. And, while skirts and dresses can be fun and cute, sometimes they’re not always practical. So, feel free to pair your tops with some neutral, light-colored denim jeans or jeggings for maximum comfort. You’ll be thanking us during those late-night study sessions.



No outfit is complete without accessories to make your clothing pop. Bows and ties are big in the Pastel Academia world. As for shoes, there are plenty of comfortable and cute options you can go with. Some opt for leather dress shoes with white lace socks for a more dressy look. But comfy sneakers in white or pastel work just as well. White or pink loafers are also a fantastic choice if you’re feeling bold and confident.


Trending Backpacks

Of course, the Pastel Academia aesthetic is all about being both scholarly and fashionable, so matching backpacks are a must. If you’re looking for a classic, solid swatch, the SuperBreak® Plus is available in begonia pink, pastel lilac, pale banana, and a pale blue hydrangea. If you’re more into smaller bags, we also recommend the Half Pint Mini Backpack in pastel lilac, pale banana, or hydrangea corduroy.

For a backpack that mixes pastels and florals, check out the Main Campus in Glowing Garden or Fab Floral. Or, if you can’t decide on one specific color, create your personalized pastel pattern using the Color It Yourself Collection. No matter which colors you mix and match, you’re sure to find a backpack that fits your Pastel Academia style.

Putting a fun, playful twist on fashion, the Pastel Academia aesthetic’s calming, pastel color scheme is a real mood booster, helping you feel brighter and lighter no matter how you choose to style it.