Every Bag Has a Story: The Bag That'll Get You Through The Next Decade

Katherine J. Igoe Oct 04, 2022

How long do JanSport backpacks last? 

If you're talking about the Recycled Superbreak, the bag could be by your side for over a decade, which means it'll take you through hugely different phases of your life. It's an even more sustainable version of our iconic Superbreak bag, made with 100% recyclable materials and fully packable. Depending on the life you want to live, the Recycled SuperBreak can handle every single one of your adventures without missing a beat. How do you want to use yours?  


You Can Experience the World

Do you love to travel? It doesn't matter what your vision is—whether you enjoy hiking and camping near your house, or if you've got a plan to backpack across Europe—the Recycled Superbreak will see you through it all. Customers take their JanSport backpacks across the U.S. and around the world, from skiing in Whistler, Canada, to shopping craft marketplaces in Oaxaca, Mexico. The SuperBreak is also the best companion for a big life change: like a new location, job, or phase of your life. Just pack some snacks and an iPad and you can stay focused on what you care about.


You Can Focus on Schoolwork

Getting to class every day and running around in between commitments can put some serious wear and tear on your stuff. People with JanSport backpacks commute to and from school or work with everything they need for their busy days: morning class, check-in with their advisor, quick fraternity or sorority meeting, afternoon exam (don't forget your study guide!), and community service in the evening. The Recycled SuperBreak will hold all your books, notes, snacks, and laptop so you can stay focused on assignments, grades, and activities—instead of freaking out about all the supplies you forgot at home.


You Can Define, and Redefine, Your Style

There's so much gorgeous style inspiration to choose from, and new collabs are coming out all the time. But, instead of giving in to fast fashion and buying a new thing every time you want to revamp your look, the Recycled Superbreak offers a simple blank canvas that you can style. Customers channel all their craftcore skills to make a DIY, one-of-a-kind bag: fabric to create a "fluffy" look, beads to make the bag glitter, crocheting rainbow designs, or getting some patches so you can shout a message to everyone you meet without saying anything at all. 


You Can Live Out Your Sustainability Goals

Sustainability is a way of life now, and it impacts all our purchasing decisions. Instead of buying another tote bag to cut down on single-use plastic, upgrade your look with a more durable backpack. Since the Recycled Superbreak literally lasts years, you'll only need to buy one—and then you can use it every day. Customers bring their Recycled Superbreak along to their other sustainability initiatives, from attending club meetings to participating in rallies to attending local town halls.

Whether you're globe-trotting or headed to a friend's house, the Recycled Superbreak can be your partner in crime for all your adventures. What will you use it for?